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Terraforma is a consultancy firm with long experience in Portugal, with high technical expertise in several fields such as urban and regional planning and management, spatial planning, urbanism, rural management and spatial planning, land use management, risk planning. National Ecological Areas Reserve (REN) and National Agricultural Areas Reserve (RAN), housing, regional, intermunicipal and municipal territorial strategies, urban regeneration,  urban development projects, touristic resorts design and planning, urban regeneration programmes and plans, and finance and economic feasibility and viability assessment of urban developments, specialized technical support to several economic activities, sustainable urban mobility plans and climate change. Working mainly in Portugal and the rest of the world for both the public and the private sector.

Terraforma is formed by experts in these areas of expertise, which combine their academic knowledge, professional skills and experience, with permanent research and life-long learning of advanced knowledge and has a wide experience of multi-disciplinary teams, usually coordinated by our own specialists.

Terraforma operates within a network of consultancy firms and co-workers, which are renowned specialists in their areas of expertise. The multi-disciplinary teams are built and adapted to the specific needs and complexity of each service, plan or project, thus ensuring added value, precision and reliability to each client.

João Belard Correia has a wide experience on the Terraforma´s several fields of work.



With three decades of experience, we develop quality projects. Our innovative solutions solve complex problems.


We are multitasking, creating value what several levels. We apply sustainability and feasibility principles at diverse areas in our projects.


We are pioneers on applying new tools and methodologies. Innovating and contributing for a more modern and better urban and rural planning system.

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