Urban Development Zoning Plan for UP11, Lagoa, Algarve

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Urban Development Zoning Plan for UP11, Lagoa, Algarve

This Plan details and develops the regulations defined by the Municipal General Plan of Lagoa for the Operative Unit nº 11, with an area of 400 hectares, where one or two Touristic Development Nuclei (NDT) are allowed.

The land-use zoning plan defines two NDT, the majority of the area of the Eastern NDT being owned by the client. The Western NDT follows a similar situation. The plan implementation system (perequação) sets the distribution of benefits and costs among all the landed property owners in each NDT.

The plan also includes many options which result from the review of the Algarve Regional Plan (enforced in 2006), especially in what concerns the regulations on the coastal protection, even though the Plan was still made under the older Regional Plan from 1991.

The plan also redesigns some main infrastructures which are exterior to the two NDT, but which are relevant for the overall development of the whole area.

Approved and published by the: Aviso nº 4845/2008, on the 22th february.






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