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National Ecological Areas Reserve Olhão

The REN of Olhão was published by the Aviso nº 17725/2020, 2nd november.

The legal regulations on National Ecological Areas Reserve (Reserva Ecológica Nacional (REN)) have suffered several changes since its creation. The latest one, has published by the Decreto-Lei n.º 124/2019, 28th august , which changed the Decreto-Lei n.º 166/2008, 22nd august. The new rules look to protect areas that create a structure which have high ecological value and sensitive or are exposed to natural risks, and need special protection.

National and regional guidelines were published in 2019 by the Portaria nº 336/2019, 26th september.

The typology of REN areas are analysed based on the current legislation and based on several data which characterizes the geographical and other characteristics of the territory, more precisely in the Olhão territory.

The new rules allow the REN to be more precise and scientifically accurate, both on the concepts and on the detail of the work. Setting a better result and reducing imprecise delimitation, as it happened with the original REN.






National Ecological Areas Reserve, Rural planning and Risk Planning