Municipal General Plan of Ourém

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Municipal General Plan of Ourém

The Municipal General Plan of Ourém (‘Plano Director Municipal de Ourém’) was one of the last of the first generation of Municipal General Plans to be made and approved.

The whole process was quite complex, not only because of the previous inconclusive processes, but also because of the singularity of the municipal area, and also because of the many institutions and stakeholders involved.

Parallel to the Plan itself, there was the need to redefine the ‘Reserva Agrícola Nacional’ (National Agriculture Reserve) and the ‘Reserva Ecológica Nacional’ (National Ecological Reserve) for the municipality.

The plan was made with the strong involvement of the municipality and the ‘Juntas de Freguesia’ (parish level administrative authorities), to ensure the involvement of the local population in the solving of local issues linked to the pressure for urban sprawl and the creation of new business urban areas, and projects for new regional and national infrastructures.

Approved and published by Resolução de Conselho de Ministros nº 148-A/2002, 30th December 2002.




1998 - 2002


Municipal General Plans, Urban and Spatial Planning and Urbanism