Coastal Protection in Vale do Lobo

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Coastal Protection in Vale do Lobo

The Algarve coastline has suffered a very strong erosion during the last decades, especially in the area between Forte Novo and Garrão.

The need to make this Plan results from regulation in the Coastal Plan (POOC) between Vilamoura – Vila Real de Santo António, which has determined the need to study several alternative options on how to protect the coast line.

Based upon this, several scenarios were studied: no intervention, periodical artificial beach sand refilling of the beach, and artificial sand refilling of the beach confined by headlands. The costs and benefits associated with these alternatives were estimated, considering the short, medium and long term. This study was used as the stepping stone for the ‘Plano de Pormenor do Litoral de Vale do Lobo’ – Urban design detail plan for the Coastal Area of Vale do Lobo Plan.




Vale do Lobo, Loulé


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