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Spatial Planning

Making Municipal Plans, directly for municipalities (local authorities), as well as through planning contracts between a municipality and private developers, as established in the Portuguese legal framework or the applicable country’s legal framework. Also through the formulation of models on compensation (‘perequação’) management of benefits and costs, as well as solutions which optimize the real estate added values, ensuring that these are flexible though time (in terms of its regulations and urban lay-out), which means that they should be adaptable to changes of the real estate market.

Building Execution Units (Unidades de Execução).

Financial and economical feasibility assessments of urban development.

Making of Master Plans for urban development and touristic resorts.

Making evaluation reports on Municipal Plans, as well as Reports of the Planning Evaluation (REOT), or other plans defined in the country’s legal framework.

Specialized technical support to several economic activities, such as mining and others.

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