Making of Development Plans, Studies and Projects in spatial planning, urbanism, urban and regional planning, project, management and urban assessment, normally projects with high complexity and quality, and permanent innovation, working mainly in Portugal and the rest of the world for both the public and the private sector.

Using its wide experience, Terraforma centres its activity in the making of developing Municipal Plans ‘Planos Municipais de Ordenamento do Território’ which include ‘Planos Directores Municipais’ (the municipal general plan), ‘Planos de Urbanização’ (urban zoning development plans) and ‘Planos de Pormenor’ (urban and rural design detailed plans), or similar Plans, according to each country’s legislation, and in the making of Master Plans for urban development operations and touristic resorts, projects for urban development,  urban rehabilitation operation, studies and plans for urban regeneration and financial and economical feasibility assessments of urban development, as well as specialized technical support to several economic activities, sustainable urban mobility plans, risk planning, National Ecological Areas Reserve (REN) and National Agricultural Areas Reserve (RAN).

The principles of sustainable development are applied to the making of each plan, study or project, encompassing its three pillars: territorial, socio-economic and environmental, as well as solutions which optimize the real estate added values, ensuring that these are flexible though time (in terms of its regulations and urban lay-out), which means that they should be adaptable to changes of the real estate market.

We look to potentiate territorial specifics and complementarities, looking to accomplish a integrated approach, and simultaneously to have the territorial cohesion as an objective. We want to contribute to better governance models. Support the development of economical, social and cultural activities for economical competitiveness. We believe urban regeneration is the future, and that the urban system should be coherent. Regeneration should integrate a environmental dimension, as well as cultural and natural values protection, and public space and landscape qualification. Innovative urban solution should be promoted and applied, as well as promoting the urban green structure, linked with the urban free structured and diverse spaces.

Terraforma works with several well-known consultants on several areas related to Spatial Planning and Urbanism, such as in Architecture, Infrastructure engineering, Landscape architecture, Economy, Management, Law, and others, always within the scope of multi-disciplinary teams which enable matching the challenges and complexity of each project.

The process of urban and rural development requires good territorial options and feasible and adjusted consumption of natural resources with long term availability levels, which do not compromise the future generations, making the use of the soil and resources sustainable and efficient.

Terraforma seeks to intervene in rural development and contribute to sustained solutions, developing a set of services aimed for spatial planning / Rural areas safeguard for the sustainable development of Rural areas, in its various forms. Creating conditions that preserve their characteristics, but simultaneously to create dynamism, particularly economically, for instant developing the potential of the forest and agricultural areas.

We believe that a good environmental performance is, more than ever, fundamental and should, simultaneously, be adjusted to the carrying capacity and efficient equilibrium of social and economical factors, preventing and reducing the effects of the risks of people and goods.

Applying operative processes developed for sustainable urban and rural planning actions will improve a better built environment, presenting a better quality of life to the people on a truly balanced world.

We produce planning and land use solutions which respond to the features and vocation of the different spaces and ensure its sustainability, as well as a better use of the natural resources, to guarantee its preservation, conservation and creation of added value for nature and a better public health, social inclusion, protecting biodiversity, balanced development between regions, to value the low density territories, mobility and transports, a fair split of the national richness and other economical, social and cultural interests.

For a balanced consideration of the public and private interests, pointing towards equilibrium between planning, social and economical development policies, as well as other policies which are connected with planning and the location of activities.

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